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There are some unique features online multiplayer games provide that other forms of media are not capable of offering. Online games are often seen as a way to pass time or a hobby promoting competitiveness and social skills and what better way to play a game than with all of your friends!

Online games allow for gamers to explore the community the game has created, make a whole bunch of new friends and socialize to their heart’s content because that’s what the community is there for. As compared to offline or single player games that were the star of the gaming industry for quite some time, online multiplayer games have always promoted healthy social activity as well as giving opportunities to build teamworking skills. The communities that these online games build and offer to gamers worldwide have empowered many people, mostly children, to get out of their shell and interact with people with similar interests and hobbies openly and without hesitation. These communities are a way for unsocial kids to make new friends, share their experiences and eventually become a part of something very fulfilling to achieve with those friends.

Picnic Play, a real time multiplayer game, where you have to compete with your friends online in finding items that the game gives you as a challenge, offers you the core principle of the purpose of online gaming and building a community. Explore the community, make new friends and compete with them on the Leaderboards in this real time scavenger hunt game!

Another advantage of online gaming and getting involved with the community it brings with it, is enjoying the shared experiences that you have with your friends while you’re playing the game. Every successful game has a community that lets people connect with people with the same interests as them. The majority of any gaming community opens doors to connect with people you can be even best buddies with depending on your interaction with them.

In Picnic Play, you can make new friends from all around the world, chat and challenge them to a hunt to find an object and compete with them in real time to either win or lose the challenge to earn new trophies. Filling your own cabinet with a whole lot of trophies is your main goal, but it can’t be achieved unless you interact with new people and make the challenge even more difficult every time. Children still learning about the world can benefit from this game and the community a lot because Picnic Play promotes going outside and discovering new things to top the leaderboard while playing with your friends online. It is a new way to create stories about adventures experienced through completing challenges and topping the leaderboard with your friends.

Picnic Play promises to make the community and the game as wholesome and informative as possible while keeping it competitive enough to let its community enjoy its true potential in promoting social interaction amongst players.

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