Hello World! Fancy a Picnic?

Pack up the basket with nice food to eat, A red and white blanket to act as our seat.

Picnic is not too far from launch and we want to invite you to join our adventure!

First, you are probably wondering “What is Picnic?” – Picnic is a new game coming to Android phones (and in the near future, iOS too).

The gameplay requires you to be curious, adventurous and sometimes hyperactive! To win against other players, you have to embrace every chance you can; stop the car, pause Netflix, turn your house inside-out, are you ready? You need to be!

So about those requirements we mentioned, are you curious yet? Let us tell you a little more.

Picnic matches real people around the World to compete against each other in finding ordinary, or extraordinary real world objects. The first person to find the correct object and take a photograph wins the match – but don’t think you can just hang around until you stroll across the object one day, the timer is ticking, you don’t know where the other player is and if you don’t act NOW, you could lose! So stand-up, run and find that object quick to win the match, to win those XP points and to win in-game trophies and awards.

Our bear has improved over the 2 years…

We hope you are excited as we are! We’ve been developing the idea for over 2 years, we wanted to bring people back on to the streets and back in the parks, to enjoy the World around them but also embrace this amazing technology we can have at our finger tips. You can read more about our story on the About Us page.

This is just a start of a great adventure, the first release of Picnic is just a glimpse of our imagination, we have huge plans but we need your support, loyalty and feedback to take it there.

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